Our Goals

1. Who are the students participating in this project?

Sonya Mital, Mariah Wilson, Kimaya Gokhale, Brenda Orozco

2. What is your area of interest, and why?

We are passionate about reading and would like to share our passion with others.  Reading fosters creativity and knowledge and we hope to expand this ability to more kids.

3. Who are the potential partner organizations you may utilize throughout this project?

ReadOC, local public libraries, Barnes and Noble booksellers, our club (Society of Bookworms), fellow Sage Service Learning groups

4. What is the specific community need(s) that will be addressed? Why do they need to be addressed?

The dependency on technology and media is moving new generations further away from reading and towards TV and movies. Reading is becoming less and less influential among kids. We want to reverse this trend and stimulate interest in reading.  This issue needs to be addressed because reading aids students in being successful in both an academic and personal setting. It also allows students to improve their communication skills. Studies have shown that reading promotes better writing, analytical skills, and mastery of language.

5. What are possible activities/opportunities you may execute within the scope of this project beyond fundraising?

Book readings, sending books to schools, book drives, authors/speakers, informational sessions, book signings, selling books and bookmarks

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