Sonya’s Reflection

Service Learning this year has taught me a lot about the responsibilities that come with starting and executing a service project. I really enjoyed working on our project because I am a very passionate reader that wants to foster this same love in younger kids who don’t have the resources or ability to read whenever they want. I believe that reading is an incredibly valuable skill and a tool that can be used for both entertainment and education.

            I think this year was a good start to our far-reaching goals. Our visit to Jim Thorpe Elementary School was incredibly successful. After we presented our poster and talked to the fourth graders, they were much more excited about reading and sharing books with each other. Hearing our stories instilled a greater passion in them because young kids really look up to high school students. This is a useful strategy that we will definitely implement into our plan next year.  

Though our presentation at Jim Thorpe was a huge success, we weren’t able to go to any other schools because of the lack of time. We only had half a year and school visits require a lot of preparation that we didn’t have enough time for. Next year, we will be able to do a lot more because we will have a full year to expand our horizons and do more influential things like go to the LA Times Children’s book fair and hold book drives. Our goals remain the same but our outreach and focus will be much stronger next year after a summer of planning and more Service Learning dates.

Overall, the half-year we had provided a good start to build the foundations for next year. Our panel and the workshops were really helpful in giving us ideas and more resources to aid us in our project. Our goals for next year include: running a book drive, hosting a bake sale/book sale to raise money, have a booth at the LA Times Children’s book fair, attend more schools, and find more contacts, foundations, or other Service Learning groups to partner with.


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