BEA (Book Expo America): A Recap

Bookworms go to the BEA! This is a day by day recap from our June Spring at Sage Independent Project:


Today was our first day at the BEA! We can honestly say that everything surpassed our expectations. We got to meet publishers and authors from all over the country and the world as well as obtain advanced copies of books, posters, and other reader paraphernalia. We rode the subway back to our hotel with a suitcase and three tote bags each filled with free books. The highlight of the day was definitely getting to meet some of our favorite authors among them, Lemony Snicket, Veronica Roth, Maria V. Snyder, Ridley Pearson, Brandon Sanderson, and Sarah J. Maas. As avid readers it was amazing to experience a convention of thousands of other bloggers, readers, publishers, and authors who love to read, write, and share stories with each other. We can’t wait for even more tomorrow.


Day 2 of the BEA was just as packed, awesome, and enlightening as the first day. Our inventory of the day is estimated to be about 20 free books apiece (10 of them signed), 5 tote bags, 2 shirts, 20 bookmarks, and 7 pins each. We looked rather strange riding the subway back each with about seven bags filled with books and bearing incredibly aching backs and sore feet for our age. Today we met several authors including RICK RIORDAN, Kat Zhang, Paula Deen, Brandon Sanderson (again), Richelle Mead, and Obert Skye as well as glimpsed Ann Romney, Jim Carrey, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Cassandra Clare, and Giada de Laurentiis. Overall, it was a super action-packed, amazing and exhausting day and we had so much fun meeting some of the greatest people on the planet.


Yesterday was not only the final day of the BEA but it was also the only day open to the public.  Power Readers Day opened up the show floor to hundreds of avid readers that wanted to experience the expo.  Publishers lined up some of their most anticipated authors for in-booth signings and unpacked the final boxes of advanced copies and buzz books.

In the attempt to excite readers, which made Power Readers Day a nice conclusion to the convention, publishers did not hold back.  Authors like Jim Carrey (Comedian, actor, author), Sarah Dessen, Alexandra Bracken, D.J. McHale and many others made appearances and signed books.  Signed posters and lots of tote bags were handed out daily throughout the event.  The internet star, Grumpy Cat, also stopped by Sourcebooks books to promote one of the company’s new titles.

The past four days have been an experience that we will never forget.  The convention reaffirmed our love for reading and taught us more about the industry.  We look forward for the opportunity to attend in a couple of years (and not as rookies). Our overall BEA experience was a GREAT one!



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