Book Drive Update

In just three weeks, we have already collected more than 150 books! By the end of the first semester, we hope to have at least 300 books that can be distributed to under-funded school districts in California. We have also decided that any text books that we receive will be sold online and the funds accumulated will be used to purchase newer, better quality children’s and young adult books that will add to the diversity of our collection. So far, we are off to an excellent start. We may even be able to top 300 next semester!

Thanks for reading and please donate!


2 thoughts on “Book Drive Update

  1. Great start to the book drive, Ladies! I think you have the right strategy with the textbooks. Where are you at with your plans for Compton? And have you scheduled any more readings at other schools?

    • Thanks! We have contacted the Compton Senior Director of Education who has forwarded our proposal to all the elementary and middle schools in the Compton School District. We should be getting responses within the next few weeks and will plan accordingly.

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