Mission Statement:

Our mission is to expand literacy among children by providing the necessary tools and advice that will provoke excitement and enthusiasm towards reading.


About Us:

Sonya Mital
I have and always will be a passionate reader. My love for Harry Potter and the fantasy genre inspired me to help instill a similar passion for reading in younger kids. I believe that reading is an incredibly valuable skill as well as a great medium for entertainment. I hope our work in the Society of Bookworms will promote reading for younger generations and help them lead successful lives.
Mariah Wilson
Reading has had a strong influence on my life ever since I have been a young girl and reading is how I spend most of my day.  It allows me to escape into a new world and learn different things about the world around me.  Trust me, anything you need to know about books, I’m your girl.  The book that got me into reading was Maximum Ride by James Patterson, and my favorite book is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  I also enjoy doing performance poetry and writing short stories.
Kimaya Gokhale
Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to read. Whether I’m searching for an escape into a fantasy world of witches and dragons, or I’m looking for the perfect story that I can relate to, I always find what I’m looking for in the world of books. I feel like reading promotes better vocabulary, and it honestly provides a way to de-stress and relax all while helping your brain. I hope to spread my love of reading to everyone we meet with, and I’m excited for this fun journey.
Brenda Orozco

Reading has always been my favorite way to spend my time. When I was younger the Series of Unfortunate Events was a personal favorite of mine. Now my love of reading has pushed me towards more mystery and crime books. I feel that a love of reading is such an important skill and so useful in life. Now that I am in high school, I have never been more grateful that I have opened myself up to all the benefits that reading has to offer.


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